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Jillian Clare was Abigail “Abby” Deveraux in NBC’s Days of Our Lives, and even today, continues to write, act and produce prolifically in the indie world. Her latest, Pretty Broken opens today.

INDULGE: Tell us about your latest movie, Pretty Broken?

CLARE:Pretty Broken is a glimpse into the life of Lindsey Lou, a soon-to-be divorced, college dropout whose father goes missing in Everest and is presumed dead. The film follows Lindsey and her family as they adjust to life without her father. There’s also a car lot and a goat! It gets crazy.

Jillian Clare and Adam Chambers in “Pretty Broken.”

INDULGE: What was it like shooting in Portland versus California?

CLARE: Eichenberger (director), Remensnyder (writer), and Michael Ferry (DP) actually live in Portland, so it was definitely the easier route. It’s funny though, Susan Bernhardt (producer & my mom), Preston Bailey (“Monty”), Peter Holden (“Montgomery”), and myself…

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