CHLOE PERRIN stars in the title role of Mary opposite Oscar winner, Gary Oldman in the upcoming paranormal thriller, MARY. The film focuses on a family looking to start a charter-boat business with a newly purchased ship that holds terrifying secrets once out on isolated waters.

This adorable acting phenom also currently stars opposite Oscar nominee, Bruce Davison in the feature film, ITSY BITSY. The film is about a family that moves into a secluded mansion where they find themselves being targeted by an entity taking the form of a giant spider.

Although her current work is in horror films, her talent is far from limited to this genre. Movie fans will recognize this dynamic 11-year old from such feature films as BUTTONS with Robert Redford and Angela Lansbury, JURASSIC WORLD with Chris Pratt, THE DIABOLICAL with Ali Larter and the adorable family film, PAPA.

Besides the silver screen, Perrin has also gained momentum on the small screen with major recurring roles on SINGLE PARENTS, RECKLESS and the critically acclaimed series GLOW. Other guest starring roles include THE GUEST BOOK and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. Early work experience includes projects in the areas of inter-net, industrial, commercials, radio and voice over.

When not working in Los Angeles or on location, Perrin resides in Dallas with her mother, a photographer and acting coach and her older sister, also an actress. This talented little gal loves art, reading, science, playing chess and snuggling with her dog.

Watch for Chloe Perrin and don’t let her age and size fool you. This talented little actress who also claims to have a love for swimming is definitely making a big splash in Hollywood!

Instagram: @chloeperrin.usa