FARUQ TAUHEED is the host of the new NBC series ROOTS LESS TRAVELED. Produced by Ancestry, the series follows two family members searching for information and historical facts about family and relatives long since past. Sure to educate, inform and create plenty of emotion, the series will premiere on April 4th, 2020.

Fans of television will also recognize Faruq from his ring announcing gig at the helm of the popular Discovery Channel series BATTLEBOTS. In each episode, homemade robots battle against each other in an elimination competition until only one winner remains.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Faruq earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts while studying in both New York City and London. Upon graduation, he relocated to Los Angeles where he began his professional work in radio, film and television. His distinct and recognizable voice can be heard in various commercials, animation projects and video games including the voice of HOTWIRE, the BIOSHOCK INFINITE series and Cartoon Network’s WE BARE BEARS. He has also worked as an actor in the film SELMA, LORD, SELMA for ABC/Disney and on the popular series BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, NCIS, COLD CASE, THE SHIELD and NEW GIRL.

Check your local television listings to watch Faruq Tauheed in action in 2020.

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