Join Sean and Michele Kanan on Wednesday, September 24th at 8:00 pm PST for another night of KANAN’S RULES on UBN Radio.  Sean and Michele will welcome the very handsome and talented, STEVE BURTON from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!






September 16, 2013 / For Immediate Release

(Palm Springs, CA) Ken Simpson, founder of Skin 2 Skin™ Care, a leading skin care line based in Palm Springs, California is pleased to welcome international television star, Sean Kanan and his wife, Michele Kanan to the Skin 2 Skin™ Care team.  Sean will serve as Senior Vice President-Brand Ambassador and Michele will serve as Senior Vice President- Brand Ambassador and Media. 

Ken founded Skin 2 Skin™ Care on the principals of making products that are natural, safe, effective, facilitate healing, control aging skin and give you healthy, vibrant & younger functioning skin.  These principles have been fully realized by Sean… 

“As an actor, flawless skin is an absolute necessity. Having spent the last two decades working under harsh lights with damaging stage makeup, repairing the damage has been my biggest challenge despite access to the highest quality products and services available.  Several years ago, I stumbled upon Skin 2 Skin™ Care and began to use it because it was organic and carcinogen free.  The results were nothing short of incredible and far exceeded anything that I was expecting.  At 47 years old and thanks to these gluten and cruelty free products, people routinely think I am ten years younger than I am.  Also, Michele has Melasma (dark spots and discoloration of the skin) and Skin 2 Skin’s™ Photoaging Repair Cream reduced her discoloration and stopped it from spreading.  So impressed with Skin 2 Skin™ Care, I set out to meet the company founder and product formulator, Ken Simpson.  Ken’s vast knowledge and inspirational story motivated me to get involved with Skin 2 Skin™ Care.  I am extremely proud to represent the company along with Michele!”- Sean Kanan

Ken’s “inspirational story” for creating the line originated from an effort to repair damaged skin on his own face as a result of intense radiation therapy for a brain tumor.  His 30 years of experience in developing skin care products for major retailers, spas and doctors would prove invaluable.  With major success in healing his own skin, Ken realized how his formulations could benefit others with similar skin damage and help them to slow down the aging process. 

Skin 2 Skin™ Care products work in harmony with the body to trigger positive cellular change from skin layer to skin layer, improving the collagen matrix / epidermis, barrier and overall skin function with advanced smart anti-aging peptide technology, 20 botanical extracts, vitamins, shea butter, honeysuckle extract preservative and more.  Skin 2 Skin™ Care is free of all parabens, toxins and known carcinogens (even though they are approved by the Cosmetic Industry, EU, Canada and the FDA.)  Such ingredients can build up in your body and after continuous use they can cause illness, hormonal disruption, organ toxicity and the possibility of cancer.  Skin 2 Skin™ Care has received 14 professional beauty awards and hundreds of accolades from beauty editors including: Allure, New Beauty, Self, Natural Health, Essence, Ebony, Organic Spa (Best Natural and Organic Product in the Market), American Spa, beauty bloggers, doctors, skin care experts, makeup artists and celebrities.

Sean Kanan is an internationally known film and television actor, producer and author.  Michele Kanan, a former medical professional is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist.  

For more information about Skin 2 Skin™ Care: http://www.Skin2SkinCare.com

For press inquiries: Info@Skin2SkinCare.com


Kanan & Janic Tape “Fit, Famous & Fabulous”!

Great day today!  Two of my clients worked together.  Sean Kanan was the guest on Adrienne Janic’s new television show, “Fit, Famous & Fabulous” on the new VERIA Living Network.  The series will air in October.  Adrienne visited Sean at his home where he demonstrated his culinary skills with two recipes from his best selling cookbook, The Modern Gentleman: Cooking & Entertaining With Sean Kanan.  They made Bruschetta and Octopus Salad!  They were both yummy!  So great to see clients supporting one another in Hollywood!

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